Capsule Wardrobe Takeaways - January

Month two is over and we’re halfway through month three of the winter capsule! On one hand, I can't believe I'm already at the tail end of this capsule and on the other, I'm really excited for new clothes and warmer weather. I'm starting to assemble my spring capsule, but before we get there, let's recap some lessons I learned in January AKA month two. Please enjoy the following outfits where the best photo of each was awkwardly the one where I was facing the window on my left. Finding the light made all my photos look the same!

Small aside: I am seriously considering getting myself a selfie stick/GoPro pole/whatever the heck they’re called to help me photograph my day-to-day outfits. These little arms of mine are not good for photos that aren’t just of my lower torso and legs!


This took me completely by surprise. If you would have asked me if blazers were my winter outerwear of choice last year, I would have responded by eagerly shown you my blazer wish list. But if I'm honest, it's been a struggle to wear the two I put in this capsule. But even if I don’t use them in any other capsule this year, I know myself well enough to know I’ll circle back to them sometime soon. Plus they’re investment pieces and two really good quality wool blazers are not something to just give away. I know that might sound counter intuitive to the capsule wardrobe lyfe partly because it is, but these two blazers spark some serious joy for me. I love looking at them and truly love wearing them, they just weren't right for the vibe I went for in this capsule and that's OK.


I used to wear American Eagle jeans almost exclusively in high school. The sweaters and hoodies and polos! Oh man, remember polos?!! I looooved those clothes so much, but at some point the flame dimmed. I blamed the trends–I completely hated their stuff for a while, like can't-even-look-inside-the-store-because-everything-is-so-ugly hated--but maybe it had more to do with me shedding my high school style and exploring different brands. Who knows? The point is, I finally went back to AE last summer and completely out of the blue found some fabulous, awesome, comfortable jeans (last seen here).

I bought them because of their color, fit, and the fact that they came in a short length. I didn't expect them to become a favorite jean but they totally have! Now if only their high waist jeans came in short lengths too...that would be brilliant.


Ha! I couldn't help myself. I was really excited about branching away from super skinny jeans, but I made the sad mistake of buying my flares in the short length, which is great during the summer when I hardly wear heels, but not so great for the winter where I'm mostly wearing boots. They ended up only looking good (according to my completely arbitrary perceptions) with one pair of boots in particular and eventually these fell out of rotation. I almost wish the flare was bigger, too. We'll see if these make it into the summer capsule.


This is still true, believe it or not! Even when I've slacked on laundry and feel like I have nothing to wear. The beautiful thing about having clothes that all work together is they work even when my brain doesn’t want to. Before this capsule wardrobe, I had made a habit out of complaining about not having anything to wear. I would regularly sit at the foot of my bed and just stare at my closet, running through all the clothing I owned but “hated” too much to actually wear. Good news is I don’t do that anymore! I can’t even remember the last time I told myself I had nothing to wear now that I think about it! How cool!

Can't wait to show you the spring capsule! Check back soon or follow along by email or on bloglovin!