Summer, my favorite season, is here. And it's crazy. Like always.

I've been up to a lot and for the sake of not completely falling behind in writing it all down, I thought I'd share a good ol' currently  post with you!


missing my fourth of July camping trip.

I went camping with my parents and extended family for Independence Day and had a complete blast. The weather was gorgeous (read: hot) and I spent an unusual amount of time in the water. I tend to stick to sunbathing but the lake was so warm I couldn't resist! It was a totally lovely trip. It’s made going back to my fluorescently lit desk job very, very difficult.

Thankful I talked myself out of whipping out my hair straightener.

I got a subpar haircut that left such a bad taste in my mouth I seriously considered straightening it for the first time in over a year. I made a deal with myself that if I couldn’t fix it with an updated curl routine I would bring back the heat. Luckily, Shea Moisture saved the day and my curls from the flat iron.

Can't shut up about the show Africa on Netflix.

David Attenborough has freaking outdone himself with this one. I've been watching nature shows for like my whole life and this series has me as excited as Planet Earth did back in the day. I’ve already cried and I’m two episodes in. #dramaqueen

Looking forward to purging my belongings.

I’ve considered minimalism before and have come across it while reading about Christian environmentalism and Creation Care. Anyway, I finally checked out The Minimalists’ website and a few episodes of the podcast and I’m sort of hooked. It seems like this could be an awesome tool to create more space in my life. We’ll see.

Experimenting with my makeup.

I think I've mentioned how much I love summer and now that I've got this tan I want to flaunt it. I picked up a new blush and bronzer/highlight by Sonia Kashuk plus a new mascara at Target. And (dum da da duuuuum!) I think I've finally figured out my everyday makeup look! Now all that's left is to practice getting it done in as little time as possible.

Learning to live in the quiet

(see Instagram)

Excited about my summer wardrobe.

I started with a capsule base but found myself wanting to reach for other clothes. So I’m compromising with myself – I’ve decided to stick to a color palette this season. Clothes that fit the vibe and color scheme for summer are good to go. Now if I could just get myself to put away the clothes I won’t be wearing…I swear it’s my biggest struggle.

What about you? What's keeping you busy this summer? Or are you just completely zen 'd out? I want to know! :)

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