A Night in San Francisco

Two weeks ago I got a taste of the jet setter life. I had a blur of a week that started with a two day training in San Francisco.


I've always had a thing for San Francisco. It was my all time favorite city as a kid and teenager. Brandon and I used to drive out to Ocean Beach for our dating anniversary every year before we started our newest Redwoods tradition. I ditched school with a friend my senior year of high school to go prom dress shopping with my mom in the city. I have so many really great memories of playing tourist in San Francisco but recently all of my trips into the city had lasted for only a few hours. I guess it's no surprise that I was excited get to explore the city for a little while longer this time!

I was on my own for lunch and ended up walking down to the Ferry Building since I had no clue what I was really looking for food-wise. I ended up at San Francisco Fish Market where I ordered the fish tacos (even though the fish and chips were calling to me). It's a walk up counter spot where they call out your order number when it's ready and there's also a selection of premade sushi that I didn't get a chance to try.


There was a bit of a wait but the taste and freshness of the food made it worth it. First of all, they did not skimp on the fish. I had big chunks of meaty, flaky goodness in every bite. The flavor of the fish was good too! The tacos are on yellow corn tortillas and come dressed with shredded cabbage and salsa verde. The salsa had a kick to it but not enough of one to keep my baby palette from enjoying the meal. The only thing I'd change about the tacos is the amount of salsa verde. Mine were definitely doused with it. I took my food outside to a sunny spot where I had a view of the Bay Bridge.

On my way back to the training I stopped to grab some coffee at Blue Bottle because pretty lattes make me really happy. 

Brandon met me in San Francisco that night after I checked in to The Galleria Park Hotel. It took us a really long time to figure out where to get dinner but we decided on a little Italian spot a couple blocks from where we were staying. 

  My #capsulesinthewild outfit for the night: Levi's blouse and skinnies, Lucky ankle boots, (new!) Old Navy denim jacket.

My #capsulesinthewild outfit for the night: Levi's blouse (similar here) and skinnies, Lucky ankle boots, (new!) Old Navy denim jacket.

It's called Pachino Trattoria & Pizzeria and this small place did not disappoint! We luckily got there before the dinner rush and were seated right by the window. Our friendly server — who I'm pretty sure is also the owner — started us with a delicious basket of various types of bread which we of course dipped in olive oil.

Brandon ordered one of the evening's specials: a pizza with pesto, fresh mozzarella, veggies and pancetta.

And I ordered the ravioli.  

Both were delicious! (You can check out the menu here)

We took our time enjoying each other's company (and food). Brandon's been so busy with his bands and our crazy July schedule that we haven't hung out as much as we usually do. It's definitely tough but I know we're both working hard to create the life we're meant to live. I try to focus on that part when I get down and it works (almost) every time!

We skipped dessert at the restaurant because I thought a local coffee shop that sells soft serve affogatos was open until midnight. Sadly, I was wrong. We were both so full anyway that we decided to call it a night.

The next morning I got up extra early so we could hit up the Financial District location of Coffee Cultures before my training. I don't mind compromising speed of service for quality and taste of my coffee, but I would recommend being prepared for a small wait if you visit Coffee Cultures. 

I wish I could accurately report back on how good the latte I had was, but I forgot to grab it when I jumped out of the car at a red light. All I can say is the first few sips I got of it were very tasty. 

   The day's #capsulesinthewild outfit: striped long sleeve from H&M, olive mini skirt from Forever 21, denim jacket form Old Navy, shoes from Nine West.

The day's #capsulesinthewild outfit: striped long sleeve from H&M, olive mini skirt from Forever 21, denim jacket from Old Navy, shoes from Nine West (similar here and here).

Knowing I was going to take BART back home, I decided to try another Ferry Building spot for a very late lunch. It was a gorgeous sunny day in San Francisco so I opted for the outdoor seating at MarketBar. Having ate my weight in fast food the week before, I ordered the Farmer's Market Chicken Salad.

Loaded with fresh peaches and candied walnuts and so.much.chicken plus the delicious vinaigrette, it was a completely amazing salad experience. I pretty much expect restaurants to skimp on the chicken in a salad which is why I usually don't order them, but this one didn't and it was a highlight of the dish. The flavors mixed together well and the salad itself wasn't overdressed. I really recommend trying it if you visit them! 


Training and all, I had a lovely time on my mini-business trip! Now I just have to get to the city for fun instead of work!