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Anniversary in San Francisco

travel: nearAlex HoodComment

Brandon and I celebrated our 4 & 11 – that's 4 years of marriage and 11 of togetherness – by escaping the heat of Sacramento and heading to San Francisco.

At least, we thought we were escaping the heat.

Usually, I try to pack as many things to do or see as possible. This time was a little different. I've been super tired lately and decided to make this day trip as low key as possible. I wanted to get coffee, see the Degas exhibit at the Legion of Honor, and hang out at the beach. As long as we did those things, I'd be happy. And that's exactly what we did.


Our first stop was Andytown Coffee Roasters. I make it a point to try to find a hipster coffee shop anytime I travel. San Francisco's coffee game is so good and I love the fact that basically every time I go, I find a new gem.

Andytown is no exception. It's located in the Outer Sunset and is totally worth a stop. The long and narrow shop has a bunch of natural light and the ceramic for-here mugs are an aesthetic dream. The internet raved about their drink called The Snowy Plower, which is espresso and sparkling water topped with house-made whipped cream. I wasn't feeling adventurous so I stuck with my old reliable, the latte, which was delicious. It didn't seem like there was much of a seating area besides the bench in the front window (which I hadn't anticipated) so we got our drinks to go and found a bench on the nearby bike path that overlooks the ocean.


Next we headed up to the Legion of Honor to see the Degas Millinery exhibition. I really love Degas' work and it was awesome to see more of his paintings in person. The exhibit was crowded but not so crowded that we couldn't enjoy the art. We meandered around, examining the amazingly crafted hats made during the height of the Impressionists and talking about what we liked about each piece.


We bought a magnet souvenir and headed upstairs to check out the rest of the art in the museum since neither one of us had visited before. I loved the large collection of Rodin sculptures. There were some more modern pieces scattered throughout the Rodins that honestly, I didn't care for. I'm just not big on droopy toilet-looking sculptures sitting on mini fridges. *shrugs* We did manage to stumble on some more impressionist work, including some Van Gogh, Monet, and a few more Degas!

We didn't really make plans for what to do after the museum, so we drove out to Haight-Ashbury because Brandon wanted to look for records at Amoeba. Once we were done at Amoeba, we both agreed we should get some food. The only problem was were in San Francisco on a Sunday at 2:30 and every restaurant was winding their brunch down and getting ready to close until dinner. After about 45 minutes of walking back and forth, trying to figure out what we even wanted to eat, we decided to get sandwiches and head back to the beach.


We sat on our sandals and dug our toes into the soft sand. We talked about nothing, tried to narrow down our top five favorite Christmas songs (practically impossible), and watched as people walked their pups on the beach. We came to Ocean Beach every year for our anniversary when we were dating. Sitting on the same beach with the same guy all these years later was bliss.