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Today we’re talking about 3 ways to make our time of the month greener/more mindful.

It might be weird to do this at the start of the year, but I thought what better time to reflect on our choices and decide whether we want to try something new!

Check out the video to hear about 3 ways you can make your period more eco-friendly.

I’m certainly not the only one to talk about this on the internet but I wanted to share my experience because it could help someone out there.

I’m using levels with this swap because each of the options I’m talking about because they each require a different level of commitment and comfort. I think any of these switches are incredibly helpful in minimizing our environmental impact, plus I think they build on each other.

Option 1: switch to a non-applicator tampon

 LOLA non-applicator organic cotton tampons | tintedgreenblog.com

To be honest, I didn’t even know tampons came in a non-applicator form until college! I was listening to an episode of the One Part Podcast and the guest said something I’d never realized before: that most of us use whatever feminine hygiene product we got from our moms or friends. And she was so right! I never decided what products to use, I just did whatever my friends were doing.

All that to say, if you’re using an applicator tampon and are thinking about reducing your waste, switching to a non-applicator version (like the ones from OB or LOLA) is a super easy place to start.

Option 2: organic cotton

 LOLA organic cotton tampons and pads | eco-friendly feminine hygiene products | tintedgreenblog.com

Maybe you’re not ready to give up your applicator. Totally cool. Maybe consider using organic cotton products!

Two reasons I think it’s a good idea switch from a regular cotton product to an organic cotton product:

  1. It’s better for the earth
  2. It’s (probably) better for you

Cotton is a crop and just like other non-organic crops, it gets dusted with pesticides. A quick search and you’ll find that cotton gets about 15 different pesticides used on it. One of them is simply to get the leaves to fall off the plant to make the harvest easier.

That…that feels excessive.

The way I see it, if I buy organic strawberries and apples because I don’t want to ingest that much pesticide residue, and if I try to be mindful about the ingredients in my beauty products, I also want to be mindful about a product that I’ll use in my body like 10,000 times over my lifetime.

I posted about this on Instagram but I wanted to make sure you guys got a chance to see this. LOLA – this cool company that makes pads and tampons out of organic cotton (and only organic cotton) – has given us a code for 60% off our first box. Just use the code GREEN at checkout before February 1, 2017 and you’ll get the awesome discount!!

Option 3: go full reusable

My favorite of the reusable feminine hygiene products is the Diva Cup. I actually bought it because I was trying to save money and figured buying something once a year was better than once a month. I think of that as more of a bonus now, because my favorite part of using it is how little waste it creates.

Obviously, the reusable menstrual cup isn’t for everyone. If you prefer pads, I highly recommend you check out Meredith’s blog. She has several posts about her experience using reusable pads. Her Instagram is pretty cool, too. She’s very real and honest about her zero waste life, which is why she’s one of my faves!

Remember: the important thing is to start somewhere. To start where we can. That’s the only way we’ll be able to sustain our new sustainable habits!

Keep it green, friends! ✌️