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My First Meatless Monday (vlog)

eco livingAlex Hood2 Comments

Hey friend!

Ok so I did it. I went vegetarian for a day.

I've always eaten meat. I'm not one of those lucky people who never liked meat growing up. Those folks usually have no problem eliminating meat from their diet. I, on the other hand, have always kinda freaked myself out about not eating meat.

I've seen the documentaries. I've read the research. I know animal farming has a crazy high carbon footprint. I've wanted to take action but the thought of going vegetarian in one fell swoop didn't appeal to me.

I can only guess/hope I'm not alone here.

Then I remembered that I work best with small changes. Small steps that can compound on one another to make a big shift. So I decided to try Meatless Monday a try.

I've had a very start/stop relationship with Meatless Monday in the past and I realized that it was because I had this weird worry that a vegetarian diet would leave me constantly hungry. I was thinking it a couple of weeks ago and decided to challenge my weird notion.

So I did it! I went vegetarian for a day! And I vlogged it.

Check out the video below to see how it went!

I'll admit it wasn't my best work diet-wise. I basically ate the same thing for breakfast and dinner. BUT! I did prove myself wrong. I wasn't hungry all day. And THAT was my main goal in doing this little experiment. It went really well as far as I'm concerned!

I plan on continuing my fully meatless Mondays from now on. I'm hoping it helps me learn to prepare more vegetables (which I've been trying to eat more of anyway).

Have you ever done Meatless Monday? What's one of your go-to recipes?

I made a board all about Meatless Monday on Pinterest. Check it out!