My Sacramento Summer Bucket List

visiting the sunflower fields outside of sacramento is on my summer list of things to doa long with ice cream tasting, movies at the Crest and the drive-in, plus going to brunch any chance I get! |

Summer is officially here and I'm so excited to get back to exploring my lovely city. It's crazy to think Brandon and I moved to Sacramento almost a year ago! We've made good friends and settled into our day-to-day life here, but I definitely feel like we're still getting to know the city.

There are lots of cool things to do in Sacramento, especially during the summer! Last weekend alone was filled with me and Brandon's first trip to Concerts in the Park downtown and the R Street Block Party. I love how those events get everyone together plus the admission is free! So you really only have to spend money if you want to.

My Sacramento Summer Bucket List

Spend Friday nights at Concerts in the Park

I don't work a set schedule so I can't make every single one of the CIP but my hope is to go to as many as possible. I went last weekend and loved it. Live, local music is something Brandon and I really value, plus it's a cool, free way to spend these warm summer nights!

Sound of Music sing-a-long at the Crest Theater

The Crest is such a cool theater. They're always playing classic movies. I walked past it on our way back from Concerts in the Park and freaked when I saw the poster for Selena. Sadly, I'd missed the showing by a few days. The up side? I hadn't missed the Sound of Music sing-a-long. The Sound of Music was the first musical I ever watched (the movie, I've never seen it on stage) and it's all because my mom loved it. 

Emo night at the Press Club

You may not know this about me, but I was hella emo in high school. Then again, weren't most of us? I may not dress in all black, straighten my hair, or wear red lip liner as eyeliner anymore but emo and pop punk still have my heart. And I'll take any excise to scream my lungs out (omg I just made a Yellowcard reference) to my favorite songs.

Sunday Farmer's Market under the freeway

I frequent the Saturday morning Farmer's Market in Midtown, but sometimes I work Saturday mornings and don't get my market fix! The Sunday Farmer's Market is my solution. It's near church, so B and I could easily pop over there after service!

Brunch at Tower Cafe

Because I love brunch and French Toast and I've been told this is the best place to get both.

BBQ at Discovery Park

We had many a barbecue at the river last summer and I want to keep the tradition going this year. It can get crowded depending on the weekend, but we've never had trouble finding a grill or a spot on the shore.

Swim in Clarks Swimming Hole

My resolution to hike once a month has fallen by the wayside partly due to schedules, partly because I didn't want to only hike in Auburn. However, I'm willing to get back out there if only to find this supposed 100 year old swimming hole.

Visit the Two Rivers Cider Tasting Room

I love cider the way people love beer and I love when I see Two Rivers cider on tap! It's only fitting that I should visit their tasting room!

Go to Gather in Oak Park

I remember hearing about Gather a couple of years ago, before we moved to Sacramento. It's a community get-together in Oak Park and I've only heard good things about it. The FOMO has been real for too long so I'm making it a point to go this summer. The Oak Park one is on the second Thursday of the month. Oh, and admission is also free. So cool.

Try all the local ice cream spots

I've been to Gunther's but it'd be unfair to call it my favorite since I haven't really experienced all the ice cream goodness Sacramento has to offer. The other creameries I'm planning on hitting up include Ginger Elizabeth, Vic's Ice Cream, Leatherby's, 8 Degrees Ice Cream, and Divine Gelateria. I take my ice cream research very seriously, apparently!

Watch a movie at the drive-in

I have a vague memory of seeing The Lion King at the drive-in as a kid. I hope I didn't dream it up because it's the basis for my love of drive-ins. Plus the last movie I saw at any theater was Guardians Vol. 2, so I feel like I'm due for a movie date.


Shoutout to my girl Jordan for giving me this idea! I love stargazing, especially with Brandon. He's a bit of an astronomy/mythology nerd. He got this book about constellations and the myths that accompany them when he was a kid and practically memorized it. He still has the book and he always amazes me with the stories.

Visit the sunflower fields (again)

It's not really summer in Sacramento without the sunflowers. They were one of my favorite parts of living in Davis. Just make sure you don't venture into the fields. Apparently some sunflower fields get sprayed with pesticides and it's not disclosed to the public. Technically the fields are private property and no one wants to be that person who ruins the fun for everyone else.

There you have it! My Sacramento summer bucket list. What are you hoping to cross off your hometown bucket list this summer? I'm nosey and want to know! ;)