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Simple Swap 2: Coffee Cups

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Mmm coffee. You know I love me some coffee and cool coffee shops! I’ve written about them before and regularly post photos of my lattes on Instagram (#sorrynotsorry). But maybe you didn’t know that the real reason I post photos of my coffee in coffee mugs is because two years ago I decided to quit using to go cups!

Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t used any single use, disposable coffee cup in two years. Not. At. All. Sometimes all of my mugs are dirty. Sometimes I was too rushed to toss one in my purse. Sometimes I forget I had my own mug in my purse. And sometimes I ask for a mug and still get my coffee to go.

Life happens, The point is I make a true effort to use my reusables each time I head out for coffee. It’s actually been pretty easy! So today I’m sharing my two easy strategies for ditching the disposables when it comes to your coffee (or tea or hot cocoa – I don’t discriminate)!


This might be the easiest one to implement because it’s so dang simple! If I’m headed to a coffee shop to do some writing or editing or even to hang out and chat, I ask my barista for a mug. I’ve noticed that smaller, local shops ask if you want your drink for here or to go which is awesome. But even Starbucks has mugs available! You just have to ask!

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A photo posted by Alex Hood (@tinted_green) on

A photo posted by Alex Hood (@tinted_green) on

For here mugs are perfect for coffee dates with friends, significant others or prospective significant others. I just enjoy my coffee so much more when I have full access to the look and aroma and warmth of it. Plus I’m making less waste so it’s wins all around!


This strategy is also super easy! If I know I’ll be on-the-go, I reach for one of my travel mugs before leaving my apartment. When I order my drink, I just make sure to tell my barista that I brought my own tumbler!

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Travel tumbler from Ello Products available at Target | tintedgreenblog.com

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These three make up my to go cup collection.

PS: Just realized I have a thing for cork.

I’ve also done two little round ups of tumblers and mugs I want/think are cute!

Oh! And if you don’t have a to go cup collection, you can just ask for your drink in any old mug. I tried this with my Chip mug and my barista didn’t even think twice about saying yes!

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Collection of Disney mugs | tintedgreenblog.com

The BYO strategy also works at work! I was working in an office when I decided to stop using disposable coffee cups. I had a small collection of quirky, cute coffee mugs that were gathering dust at home. Honestly, I wanted to show them off just as much as I wanted to use a reusable mug. I brought a mug in every Monday and took it home for a thorough wash every Friday. It worked like a dream and I quickly bonded with coworkers over my interesting Disney mugs! Win-win!

Easy, right? I hope you’re inspired to try out these strategies! Oh! One more thing:

Tag any photos of your for here mugs/personal mugs with the hashtag #TintLifeGreen so I can see them in action!