sunrise at the sunflowers + a vlog

So you know how I was just talking about wanting to go back to the sunflower fields?

Well, my coworker and new friend Kelly saw my post and before we knew it, we were planning a trip to the sunflowers.

A trip to the sunrise.

I got up wayyy earlier than I have in years, got myself mostly together and headed out with Kelly for some photo fun.

A huge shout out goes to Kelly for taking all those photos and for letting me snap away too! Check out her blog and instagram and give this girl some love!

I put together a random weekday vlog so if you want to see some video of the gorgeous sunflowers, give it a watch!


Alex Hood

I was born and raised in California. After spending three years in San Diego for college, I moved back to the Bay Area suburbs. I'm always looking for new ways of exploring my natural surroundings, but you can also bet that I'll stop by a local coffee shop on my way there!