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minimal packing list for a long weekend in southern california

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Greetings from Southern California! Brandon and I headed out of town and into the sunshine of Orange County for the weekend to see some friends of ours get married. Real life awaits us at home as we plan to move soon so we're taking this trip as chance to unplug and play a little tourist!

You guys have asked to see how I'd pack for a weekend getaway with items from my capsule wardrobe and I'm stoked I finally get a chance to share a packing guide!

thankful for home

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On my days off, I like to wake up slowly and catch up with the YouTube channels I follow (which eventually leads to me watching as many celebrity interviews as I can handle) before getting ready and walking to whichever coffee shop is calling my name that day.

I started this morning off with two or three hours of scrolling Pinterest for nursery inspiration after waking up at 5 AM (again) for no reason. I finally got out of bed shortly after Brandon left for work and immediately started revving up my mind to get a to do list made for the day.

Then I looked over at a tiny corner of our apartment and how the light was hitting it and suddenly, I got the urge to make coffee in my French press, heat up some leftover pear coffee cake and enjoy my home.

13 Thoughts from 13 Weeks

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If you read this title and wondered what the heck I was writing about, let me fill you in: I'm pregnant! Brandon and I announced the pregnancy on Instagram a couple months ago, which is pretty early considering most couples wait until right around now to spill the news. Props to those who wait this long, I was ready to tell basically everyone the moment I found out.

Anniversary in San Francisco

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Brandon and I celebrated our 4 & 11 – that's 4 years of marriage and 11 of togetherness – by escaping the heat of Sacramento and heading to San Francisco.

At least, we thought we were escaping the heat.

Usually, I try to pack as many things to do or see as possible. This time was a little different. I've been super tired lately and decided to make this day trip as low key as possible. I wanted to get coffee, see the Degas exhibit at the Legion of Honor, and hang out at the beach. As long as we did those things, I'd be happy. And that's exactly what we did.