(I hope you read that in the style of Mrs. Doubtfire)

Welcome to my little slice of internet! I'm Alex, a twenty-something, tree hugging blogger living in a small studio apartment in Northern California -- Sacramento, to be exact -- with my high school sweetheart, bass guitarist husband.

Tinted Green is a peek into my life as a tree hugger. I love this planet because I love God and I want my lifestyle to reflect that. I'm by no means perfect (my friends could tell you about my denim obsession/addiction) but my hope is to illustrate that a green life is a beautiful one.

You'll find posts on capsule wardrobe style, day trips, and my personal eco-friendly challenges here on the blog and also on my YouTube channel -- I upload videos every Friday!

A little more about me: I run on coffee, early 2000s pop punk, and friendship.

I love warm weather, stripes, and making pop culture references (some so obscure, only I know what I'm talking about...I'm working on it). If we met in real life I'd for sure try to drop a Mean Girls or Disney or Hamilton reference into the conversation.

I also really love blogging. I've had some sort of blog since Xanga was a thing...remember Xanga?!

Thanks for checking me out! Talk soon!

Photos by Jillian Gorman